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"I have used many other weight loss products in the past without much success. But these apple cider capsules from Trio Nutrition have worked like a gem. I was even debating keeping them a secret after my friends noticed my flatter stomach. But I decided I want everyone to look and feel as great as I have.

I have lost 12 pounds taking the capsules twice a day. Of course I am still doing my yoga and spin classes. I watch what I eat but nothing too extreme. The capsules have done the rest and I even have more energy than before. I really love these capsules and my new slimmer look. I will definitely keep taking these as part of my daily routine. I recommend to everyone who wants to finally get some real weight loss results."
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Powerfully Chelated Magnesium with Added Vitamin B6 for Rapid Absorption - Maximum Calm, Sleep, Muscle, Bone Relaxation Revitalization & Recovery – Vegetarian Capsule, 100% Daily Value*

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