Magnesium Glycinate Complex - 90 Day Supply | Fresh Chelated with Vitamin B6 for Rapid Absorption - Max Calm, Sleep, Muscle, Relaxation Revitalization & Recovery– Veggie Capsule, 100% Daily Value*

Powerfully Chelated Magnesium with Added Vitamin B6 for Rapid Absorption - Maximum Calm, Sleep, Muscle, Bone Relaxation Revitalization & Recovery – Vegetarian Capsule, 100% Daily Value*


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5 Star Health Supplements

"I seldom write reviews but I find that it necessary to share how effective this product has been for me. I have tried other Magnesium supplements with mixed results as many did not provide the benefits as extolled or were difficult to take due to the size and texture of the pill or its after taste. I also experienced queasiness and an upset stomach with some of the other Magnesium supplements that I have tried, but none with this product as they must have proprietary formulation.

I have taken this product for about a month and have experienced a noticeable difference in my sleep and restfulness which has given me more energy and vigor. Additionally, I use to experience occasional muscle cramps while jogging and in the last month that I have taken this supplement, I did not have a single cramping incident. I cannot say enough great things about this product from Trio Nutrition as I look forward to trying other products from this company."

-Daniel, Verified Purchase


5 Star Health Supplements

"I have general anxiety and major depressive disorder, and it's hard to find pills that treat both. This was great to take with Zoloft, because Zoloft leaves me feeling jittery, especially in the mornings. With this product, I sleep well and wake up relaxed."

-Kat, Verified Purchase


5 Star Health Supplements

"I researched which kind of magnesium I would need for my particular situation. I needed restful sleep that lasted all night. From the first night I took 2 of these pills, I didn't wake up around 2-3am!! My problem is getting but more importantly, staying asleep asleep and this supplement fixed it! And now that I don't wake up in the middle of the night I now only need 7-8hrs sleep as opposed to 9-10 hrs. This brand is awesome, and the price is great compared to others with identical ingredients. I take 2, as 1 didn't seem to quite get me there. I also have a little less muscle soreness in the morning, and feel less anxiety throughout the day. So grateful for finding this product!!!"

-Jane, Verified Purchase

More about our Magnesium Glycinate Complex:

✔ ADDED VITAMIN B6 FOR EASY ABSORPTION… Vitamin B6 is needed to help your body absorb this magnesium supplement and has been formulated to get the best results fast*
✔SUPPORTS MUSCLE RELAXATION… this magnesium complex can help reduce muscle cramping & spasms at night or during exercise to help you sleep & perform better*
✔ WAKE UP FEELING REFRESHED… magnesium may help improve sleep, calm and may reduce anxiety and fatigue.*
✔ HELPS BUILD STRONGER BONES… a lack of magnesium is associated with a decrease in bone density; these capsules contain 100% or your daily requirements*
✔ [PACKAGING MAY VARY] 90 DAY SUPPLY, NO MAJOR FOOD ALLEGENS, VEGETARIAN & CRUELTY-FREE… natural magnesium glycinate & magnesium oxide that is suitable for vegetarians and vegans



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