Does leaving your cozy bed in the morning seem like such a chore?

Some people have their fitness routines down to a science. They follow rigorous training programs, eat well-balanced meals, and know when to take a rest to optimize their health. How do these meta-humans remain steadfast in their goals, you ask? We bet it has something to do with their gut.

Here’s the deal: when it comes to fitness performance, a healthy gut can help you with two important things--motivation and endurance.   If leaving your cozy bed in the morning seems like such a chore, then a problematic gut may be to blame.  Your gut health helps you stay happy and motivates you to be the best version of yourself, even extending to your fitness performance. So, if you’re looking to stick to your fitness resolution this year, you won’t go wrong with paying more attention to your gut health.  

In many ways, 2020 has taught us to be more disciplined and devoted to our health. Between trying out new, healthier recipes and doing at-home workouts, we’ve slowly transitioned many of our activities indoors. In keeping with measures against COVID, this is of course a good thing. But here’s the thing, taking an easy hike or even a quick stroll around the block can be beneficial to our overall health, especially our gut. Such activity, not only does wonders for our mental health by burning off stress; but, it also helps our gut – in a relaxed state, our intestines can effectively digest and naturally contract to pass waste through our system. It is important to keep our digestive system working on a regular basis and such activities can clearly pay huge dividends.

But, for some of us, between meeting deadlines, the gym on hold and making sure that your social life does not take a dip despite the pandemic, you may not have time for outside activities.  And, we get it! Still, for the sake of your gut health, we urge you to remain active even in small increments. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long weightlifting or cardio session. If you can get micro-exercises in between your strict schedule, your gut will appreciate that too.   So go ahead and dance, stretch, take the stairs and plank throughout the day--your gut will thank you for it. Plus, you get that exercise high that you can ride on for hours.

If regularly going outdoors and exercising daily seem too tall an order, the good news is that you can still regulate your gut health through probiotic and prebiotic supplements. With so many benefits to gut health, it’s no wonder a lot of people have begun to take nutritional supplements more seriously. A probiotic supplement, especially with a prebiotic, will positively influence your digestive system, making it a better environment for good bacteria to flourish. 

Bottom line-- 

By taking probiotics, you can finally say goodbye to bloating and make way for better digestion.  In turn, your gut health helps you stay happy and motivates you to be the best version of yourself, even extending to your fitness performance.

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