Easy Healthy Pancakes

You may enjoy traditional pancakes on a lazy weekend morning, only to feel like you need to go back to sleep after your plate is cleared.

Wheat, gluten, sugar--pancakes, drizzled in empty calories makes for a terrible way to start the day.

Check out Snackster Sam's guide to Easy Banana Pancakes that are easy to digest and fun to eat!


Easy Banana Pancakes

6 Eggs
3 Ripe Banana
Seasoning of your choice - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger

Optional Toppings
Fresh berries
Sliced bananas
Preheat griddle to 350° or non-stick pan to medium heat.
For every banana, add two eggs to the mixture.
Add eggs and bananas to a mixing bowl. Add seasoning as desired. Using a potato masher, mash the banana and egg mixture (this will make for a thicker texture). You can also add the mix to a blender and blend until texture is smooth (this is easier and faster).

Pour mixture onto griddle or pan. Flip pancake and cook on both sides. (We tested and found that if you wait three minutes before the first flip, it works best.) 
Top pancakes as desired and serve!
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