Q: Are you looking to raise the intensity of your workout and to increase core strength? A: Plyometrics!

While athletes at all levels, such as in the NBA, NFL and Premier League, usually incorporate plyometric exercises into their training, the fact is anyone can do these, so long as you’re in good enough shape. If you’re looking to raise the intensity of your workout, bolster your physical performance and increase your core strength then doing plyometric exercises would do the trick.

Plyometrics is a kind of exercise that utilizes the speed and force of various movements to build power in your muscles. Do you remember all the horsing around that you did when you were young? All the jumping, skipping and running around that you did at the playground? Plyometric exercises imitate all those movements. Plyometric exercises are also referred to as “jump training” and is commonly used to help train for different sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball or any other sport that utilizes explosive or sudden shifts in movements.

When doing plyometric exercises, you’ll do a series of jumps like jump squats and tuck jumps, or hops like a one-leg hop or an alternating lunge jump. It may even be done on a box, a bench or cones. Other moves may be done methodically while some require quickness.

Plyometric exercises are based on a nifty combination of contracting your muscles and stretching them, which is great for building flexibility, strength and most importantly, muscle power. If you want optimal results, you can complement your plyometric exercise routine with supplements.

Regardless of what your aim is—muscle gain, fat loss, strength boost—you will make headway if you stick to a well-balanced nutrition plan as well as a thoughtful exercise program. The role of supplements is exactly what the word implies: to SUPPLEMENT your nutrition plan. For the best selection of proven and effective supplements, you can visit www.trionutrition.com

Here are two basic plyometric exercises that you can try to raise your muscle power, strength, balance, and agility:


This is a lot like doing a basic push-up, with the only difference being, as you push enough, you should use more force to propel yourself upwards so that both hands leave the floor and you’re able to clap your hands together before landing. If you’re unable to do this, that’s alright. You can start by doing this kind of push-up on your knees before moving on to your toes.  You can also switch up and clap hands with a workout mate as follows:

Plyometric Push Up Trio Nutrition Beneficial Exercises Supplement



This plyometric exercise is a move that requires an explosion from your lower body. You start with your feet at hip-width and then, crouch into a squat position with your arms back.

plyometrics trio nutrition beneficial exercise

You then spring forward with feet together, swinging your arms forward and landing on the balls of your feet with knees bent. If you don’t have lots of space, you can just turn around and jump back to your starting position. However, if space permits, you can continue jumping forward with no rest in between jumps.

Most important, plyometric exercises work by constantly stretching and contracting your muscles, which in turn, whips them into shape. However, take note that you won’t be doing plyometric exercises each day, as your muscles also need a break from all that exertion. If you aren’t active now, you must work on getting your fitness level up and later on, let a professional guide you through all the moves to avoid any injury.

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