Premium Vegan Elderberry Gummies for a Big Immune Support with Vitamin C and Zinc Booster
Trio Nutrition Elderberry Gummy | Zinc & Vitamin C | Immune Support
Elderberry Gummies No Gluten No Major Allergens No High Fructose Vegan to combat winter cold
Take real black Sambucus elderberry Perfect natural remedy best during the Winter cold season
Immune Support and Immune System Boost for Winter Cold  Elderberry Gummies with Zinc and Vitamin C

Trio Nutrition Elderberry Gummy | Zinc & Vitamin C | Immune Support


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Premium Elderberry Gummies | Fresh Pectin, Zinc & Vitamin C | Big Immune System Booster - Real Black Elderberries, No Gelatin, No Fructose, Gluten Free | Immune Support & Berry Delicious*

About the product

  •  WORRIED ABOUT SUSTAINED IMMUNE SUPPORT… Trio Nutrition’s Elderberry Gummies are made with real Black Elderberry and accentuated with Vitamin C and Zinc to boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM especially at WINTER. And these gummies also provide excellent ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT.*
  •   OPTIMAL IMMUNE SYSTEM BENEFIT WITH DAILY CONSUMPTION ….. our delicious Sambucus gummies boost your immune system without any harmful chemicals. These gummies are non-GMO and free of preservatives so you may consume daily for maximum immune system support with complete peace of mind – work Berry Berry Well.*
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS … our yummy delicious gummies are produced cruelty free and perfect for Vegetarians. Our Elderberry Supplement contains plant based pectin that may be a beneficial source of fiber.*

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