Pre and Probiotic Capsules

It's no secret that probiotics and prebiotics are essential to help promote overall gut health and promote better digestion. Certain ingredients have long been used in holistic medicine, and Trio Nutrition's proprietary blends include multi strain probiotic supplement with Organic kombucha, and a second blend that contains milk thistle.

Prebiotics Probiotics Blends:

Trio Nutrition's pre and probiotic blends are delayed-release capsules that support overall digestive health. Packed with nutritional enzymes and natural ingredients, these prebiotics and probiotics capsules are designed to be part of a healthy lifestyle.Β 

Probiotics Blend Nirvana Kombucha: For overall digestive health, add delayed release prebiotic capsules and probiotic capsules blended with S. boulardii and organic kombucha tea.

Pre and probiotic Pre Pro Live: Our proprietary prebiotics supplements Pre Prop Live contains 30 billion CFU, 10 strain probiotics and milk thistle.Β