Magnesium Complex Mangesium Glycinate
Trio Nutrition Magnesium Complex | 90 Day Supply
100% Daily Value Magnesium
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Fuel for Relaxation and Recovery
Relaxation Calm Bissfull Sleep
No Major Allergens Veggie Capsule

Trio Nutrition Magnesium Complex | 90 Day Supply


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Magnesium Complex | 90 Day Supply | Fresh Magnesium Glycinate Chelated, Vitamin B6 for Rapid Absorption - Max Calm, Sleep, Muscle, Relaxation & Revitalization– Veggie Capsule, 100% Daily Value*

  • ADDED VITAMIN B6 FOR EASY ABSORPTION… Vitamin B6 is needed to help your body absorb this magnesium supplement*
  • SUPPORTS MUSCLE RELAXATION… this magnesium complex can help reduce muscle cramping & spasms at night or during exercise to help you sleep & do better*
  • WAKE UP FEELING REFRESHED… magnesium supports sleep, calm and may reduce fatigue.*

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