Holistic approaches to Combat a Mild Case of the Common Cold | Trio Nutrition

Holistic approaches to Combat a Mild Case of the Common Cold | Trio Nutrition

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Having to suffer through a cold is definitely one of the most uncomfortable things to go through. From the simple symptoms like a running nose and a sore throat, you may find yourself fighting adverse symptoms like fever, diarrhoea and much more.

To treat a severe cold case, you can definitely see you physician; but, with a mild case of the cold moms usually look to traditional holistic approaches to combat the cold. Two common remedies are the following:

  1. Drinking Herbal Tea

People the world over swear by the blend of lemon, ginger and a dash of honey in hot water instantly reducing the symptoms of the common cold. A few sips of this concoction are enough to make a person’s life way better especially if they are struggling with a blocked nose since it manages the symptoms very well.


  1. Chicken soup

Every grandmother has the good old chicken broth as the ace up her sleeve to serve as a remedy for cold. Hot chicken soup is believed to help clear blockage in the nose and provide valuable nutrition to combat mild cold.


But did you know that there is a third equally important but less well-known elixir for the common cold?  This third option is the Elderflower or Elderberry

The first use of the Elderflower was in Pre-historic Europe, approximately 3500 to 3000 BC. From examining human settlements in primarily in Italy and Switzerland, there is evidence that prehistoric man cultivated the black elderberry.   In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates referred to the Elderflower as the “medicine chest” owing to its success in treating illnesses. More recently, there is evidence of the Elderflower was used in France, Northern Africa and Asia to ward away evil spirits and prevent illnesses and health issues. And, in North America, the Native Americans used the Elderflower as a remedy for fevers.

Today, the Elderberry is believed to contain high levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C that may help to boost your immune system.  This is probably why many families still use the Elderberries as a means to combat a mild case of the common cold.

Herbal Tea and Chicken Soup are great remedies for the common cold. But, if you really want to provide that added boost to your immune system, you supplement your diet with our assortment of immune support supplements that include:

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