Besides enabling better and more sex, why is physical exercise essential to fitness? | Trio Nutrition

Besides enabling better and more sex, why is physical exercise essential to fitness? | Trio Nutrition

We love KICK-BACKS. Nice! But we also love fitness!!! Besides enabling better and more sex, why is physical exercise essential to fitness?

  1. Trimmer body. If you're physically active, you'll have an easier time maintaining a healthy weight or, if you're overweight, losing weight and keeping it off.
  2. Less risk for health problems. An active lifestyle-or a sports regimen-can help protect you from many ongoing health problems.
  3. Studies show that regular physical activity helps lower risk factors. For example, your risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers go down when you fit physical activity into your daily life. Active living also may reduce or eliminate the need for medication to lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, or manage diabetes.
  4. Stronger bones. Regular, weight-bearing activities-such as walking, running, weight lifting, and cross-country skiing-help make your bones stronger. Even in adulthood, weight-bearing exercise helps maintain bone strength and reduces your chance of fractures and osteoporosis.
  5. Stronger muscles. Strength-training activities, such as lifting weights, at least two times a week keep your body strong for sports and everyday living. When you're strong, it's easier to move, carry, and lift things. When you exercise your muscles, you also give your heart a workout. It's a muscle, too. A strong heart pumps blood and nutrients more easily through your sixty thousand miles of blood vessels.
  6. Better mental outlook. Active people describe feelings of psychological well-being and self-esteem when they make active living a habit. It's a great way to reinforce an empowered attitude and a positive outlook. Research shows that physical activity helps your body relax and release emotional tension. This in turn, promotes longer, better-quality sleep, and you may fall asleep faster.
  7. Better coordination and flexibility. Your body moves with greater ease and range of motion when you stay physically active.
  8. Injury protection. When you're in shape, you more easily can catch yourself if you slip or trip, and can move away from impending danger more quickly.
  9. Feel better and perhaps feel younger longer. Research suggests that physical activity slows some effects of aging. Active people have more strength and mobility and fewer limitations. One more reason: physical activities can be fun.

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 Source: Complete Food & Nutrition Guide, Duyff

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