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Magnesium Glycinate for Sleep and Calm

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Why is sleep important to your health?

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institutes (NHLBI) list these reasons as the nexus between sleep and wellness:

  • Sleep keeps a healthy balance of our hormones. So, you will probably feel hungrier when you are sleep deprived.  That may impact how much you eat and indirectly impact your health.
  • Sleep affects how your body reacts with insulin. Insulin is the hormone that controls your blood glucose levels. With sleep deficiency, a normal blood glucose level may be higher, increasing the risk for diabetes.
  • Quality sleep enables your immune system to respond effectively against infections. On-going sleep deficit has the opposite effect.
  • Sleep supports healthy growth and development in children and teens. With deep sleep, your body triggers hormones that help to build and repair body cells and tissues.  In fact, sleep may also impact fertility.
  • Sleep is involved in the healing and repair of heart and blood vessels. An on-going sleep deficit may lead to an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stoke, diabetes and kidney disease.

Besides heling to promote and protect your physical health, good sleep impacts your mental health, your physical safety and productivity.

In summary, getting good quality sleep impacts the quality of your life.  So, how much sleep should I be getting:

  1. Adults: 7-8 hours of sleep per day;
  2. Teens: 9-10 hours per day; and
  3. Children: 10 hours plus depending on their age.

So, if you are having difficulty sleeping, you may want to try the following formulations:

  1. Trio Nutrition's Magximum, formulated with the best form of Magnesium, Magnesium Glycinate. Fall asleep immediately, stay asleep and wake up feeling energized and refreshed. 
  2. Trio Nutrition’s Magnesium Complex with 100% daily value of Magnesium for better sleep.
  3. Trio Nutrition’s Mood Joy with 5 HTP, St John’s Wort and Turmeric may help to destress and promote sleep.

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